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Jual HID ProxPro Reader

Jumlah Pesanan: Tambah ke Keranjang
Cara Pembayaran:Transfer Bank (T/T), Tunai, Cek Bank
Kemas & Pengiriman:Carton
Negara Asal:Amerika Serikat
Keterangan:Features :
Mounting: mounting holes fit standard U.S.A. single-gang switch boxes
( vertically mounted) to simplify installation. Field adjustable for mounting
directly to metal, exhibiting only minimal effects on read range. A
selectable jumper setting provides for improved performance.
Audiovisual indication: when a proximity card is presented to the reader,
the red LED flashes green and the beeper sounds. The multicolor LED
and beeper can also be controlled individually by the host system.
Diagnostics: on reader power-up, an internal self-test routine checks and
verifies the setup configuration, determines the internal or external
control of the LED and beeper, and initializes the reader’ s operation. An
additional external loop-back test allows the reader outputs and inputs
to be verified without the use of additional test equipment.
Indoor/ outdoor design: sealed in a rugged, weatherized polycarbonate
enclosure designed to withstand harsh environments, providing reliable
performance and a high degree of vandal resistance. Easily installed in
any location, even with the optional keypad.
Easily interfaced: interfaces with all existing Wiegand protocol access
control systems. Output data in Wiegand or Clock and Data format, plus
optional RS232 and RS422 serial interfaces.
Security: includes a tamper switch to provide notification of reader
tampering. Recognizes card formats up to 85 bits, with over 137 billion
unique codes.
Keypad option: available with an optional, integrated weatherized
keypad, which provides an additional level of security by allowing the
use of a personal identification number ( PIN) . The keypad interfaces with
the host system either by sending the keypad data over the data output
lines, or via a direct connection to the host keypad interface.

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Alamat:Jl.Anggrek 13 No.25-26 AS.29 Kranggan Permai Bekasi 17433
Bekasi 17433, Jawa Barat
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